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Today we will see a new site for sending Free SMS And Free MMS directly from your personal Computer. Its been an revolution in Free VOIP SMS area these days that so many sites are coming up with there services to give free sms service worldwide. Many of us don’t want our number to be revealed to the recipients of the text massage we send out.

Many of us don’t want to spend money, and don’t want to send sms/mms from their mobile phone. They choose the option of sending online Free SMS. is a quite good site I found for sending free sms to many countries including Pakistan, United Kingdom (UK), Spain, Germany, India and many more. No matter where you are, at office or at school, you now can send free sms through

The good point is that all the top major cellphone companies are connected with this provider from the countries worldwide.

How to Send Free SMS/MMS through

1) Go to website.

2) Enter your recipient’s mobile number in the boxes provided in the section “Send Free SMS”. You can enter multiple recipient’s mobile numbers.

3) Choose your cellphone service provider.

4) Enter your Text Massage which could be 140 characters.

5) You can send more then one massage to each recipient, if you have more then one recipient. Don’t abuse this service by spamming.

6) You can also attach a picture, graphic, or audio file with your free sms. But recipient’s phone must allow picture messages. This service is in Beta and for Verizon, T-Mobile, Cingular, Cricket, US Cellular, and Cincinnati Bell in USA only.

7) Now enter the shown code and click send, and you are done.

Some additional features with

With this service you can also add free SMS sending software to your site or blog. You can also add there widget to your MySpace profile, and send free sms whenever you want. You can also add this to your IGoogle page. You can get the tools for this page. You can sent 10 copies of free text massages at once.

So what are you waiting for enjoy this free sms service right now.


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