Rynga – Free Some Country, A lso Cheap Voip International Calls And SMS

Rynga Voip For Free And Cheap International Calls And SMS

Are you really concern about your mobile bills that hit your door every month? Are you wasting your enormous bucks in paying for your international calls? Now leave your worries apart. Free And Cheap International calls made easy over a stretch.

Betamax and Delmont Sarl have launched another VOIP service called Rynga. Rynga.com gives free call to many destinations plus cheap calls to others. And especially now you can call Bangladesh (mobile + Landline) and Malaysia (mobile + landline ) for FREE! using VoIP. And other International destinations can be called with very low rates.

How to use Rynga :

Download free Rynga SoftFone from the Rynga website.

Install it and create an account.

Buy credit (payment through CashU, similar to Ukash )

And here you go, You can experience free calling and Sms to Bangladesh, Malaysia, Austria, Thailand, Portugal for free for the first 120 days.

By Using Rynga one can facilitated to make Pc-Pc calls for free. If you opt for Mobile to mobile calls then you need to pay 5 Euro cents for each call in addition to the charge for call to the phone from which the call is originating. For making calls one have to use Rynga SIP settings as follows :

SIP port : 5060
Registrar : sip.rynga.com
Proxy server : sip.rynga.com
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your Rynga username
Password : your Rynga password
Display name/number : your Rynga username or VoIP number
Stunserver (option) : stun.rynga.com

Added to the internet connection and microphone. When omercust is ready with his Rynga accounts and SIP settings. Using the SoftFone provided, customers can acquire a world class calling experience all around the globe.

Other Offers by Rynga :

Phone To Phone calling : Using Rynga VoIP service we can experience calls from our mobile phones too. RYNGA will first dial your phone number. As soon as you pick it up, we will dial the other number and you can start talking from your mobile phone itself.

Local Acces Calling : Using this service customer can experience cheap low rate calls from mobile or landline. In the website of RYNGA you will find the access number for your region. Then you just need to call this number and dial the destination number.

SMS Rates : Rynga provides dashing SMS offers to. Text messages are send in less rate. url, links, for international destination clients can be send through sms. Scheduling of messages to one person or Multi recipients are also available in Rynga.


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