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What is FishText?

FishText lets you send real, cheap text messages to destinations across the globe from your mobile phone and the Internet. You can even send free messages to other FishText subscribers.

How does FishText help me save money?
Sending a text through FishText can cost you significantly less than through your mobile network. 'Bundles' and 'inclusive' text messages may look cheap, but think how much you could save by dropping your bundles, and perhaps even switching to a cheaper tariff!

Sending texts to people in other countries can be very expensive. FishText can save you over 90% on your texts to destinations such as Spain, South Africa and India.

How can I use FishText?
You can use FishText on most mobile phones using our mobile application. You can also use FishText right here on the website - just log in with your mobile phone number and password.

FishText on your mobile shares your contacts and other details with FishText on the web and vice versa - so you can use either, or both, for ultimate convenience.

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