Send Unlimited Free SMS Worldwide

or those who are interest and want to send the free message to mobile phone via computer, just follow the step below.

  1. Download and install Yahoo Widget Engine.
  2. Download the CallWave Yahoo Widget (sms.widget).
  3. After install the Yahoo Widget Engine, a new icon will be appearing at taskbar. Left click the icon and select “Open Widget…”.
  4. Locate the CallWave Yahoo Widget (sms.widget) and click open button.
  5. A dialog box will appear as below. Click on the “i” as the image below. How To Send Unlimited Free SMS Worldwide
  6. Key in the email address and the phone number is optional. Select the appropriate carrier and if the your country is not listed in the combo box, then just select “International”.
  7. Ok Done. Users now can send free sms to mobile phone. (Just confirm enter the correct country code before the mobile number).


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