Free Calls on Rebtel to Worldwide, but better if u use to Pakistan

Get Free Calls from Rebtel and New Offers.

Get Cheap Calls to India at 1.9 Cents only.
All Calls are very Cheap From Rebtel WorldWide.

Calls to Mexico are now only at 1 Cent,that's the Cheapest and can be from US and so many more countries.

Rebtel is now available in PAKISTAN.

Yes if you are in Pakistan you can enjoy all these benefits and now you can register your Pakistan Number on rebtel from Here

And then Call the World for so cheap.

Also Their are Local Pakistan Access Numbers to Call the World for Free.

You also get 10 minutes of Free Calls when you register From Here.

This is great Free Calls through Rebtel.
Through this you can make Free Calls to the World.

Register Yourself and your friend/family from Here With Rebtel.
Then Enter your friend's name and international number and Rebtel gives you a unique Local Number for each friend.

Then Call your friend on the local number.
When they pick up, ask them to hang up But You Don't Hang up and Ask them to Call you back on the number displayed on their phone while you wait on the line.

The call will be instantly connected and you can talk Internationally for Free. You only pay for the Local part of the call to your regular carrier.

There are always Free Call Coupons to Get lots of Free Calls and I will be giving out them to you as and when they are available,so Keep Visiting.


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