Free calls and Send SMS from Jumblo

Jumblo offers Free calls to many countries.
You can get free voip calls as well as some of the cheapest calls to india and to the world.

It also provides free calls to Uzbekistan which I think no else does.

In all its a great deal, Free calls and Cheap rates.
The call rate to India is only 1 cent for mobile and 1.4 for landline.
That is by far the cheapest rate to Indian mobile.

Call rate is cheapest to Bahrain and Russian Federation [moscow and st Petersburg] is only $0.007

Jumblo also offers Free calls to many countries.

The countries to which Jumblo offers free calls are-:
Argentina (Landline)
Australia (Landline)
Austria (Landline)
Belgium (Landline)
Brazil (Landline)
Bulgaria (Landline)
Canada (Landline & Mobile)
China (Landline & Mobile)
Croatia (Landline)
Czech Republic (Landline)
Denmark (Landline)
Estonia (Landline)
Finland (Landline)
France (Landline)
Germany (Landline)
Greece (Landline)
Hong Kong (Landline & Mobile)
Hungary (Landline)
Ireland (Landline)
Japan (Landline)
Malaysia (Landline)
Netherlands (Landline)
New Zealand (Landline)
Norway (Landline)
Panama (Landline)
Peru (Landline)
Poland (Landline)
Portugal (Landline)
Puerto Rico (Landline)
Romania (Landline)
Singapore (Landline & Mobile)
Slovenia (Landline)
South Korea (Landline)
Spain (Landline)
Sweden (Landline)
Switzerland (Landline)
Taiwan (Landline)
Thailand (Landline)
United Kingdom (Landline)
United States (Landline & Mobile)
Uzbekistan (Landline)


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