Download Bing Messenger Mobile For Free

Bing is the Instant messenger for your mobile, improving on the combined advantages of SMS with those of well-known instant messaging plattforms. You can chat with multiple friends in your own mobile SMS room using Bing. You are also can use fun status and emoticons.

Your friends are an important part in your life and you would like to be connected anytime with all your friends from all over the world. bing aims at making mobile communication for a closed group of friends easier, more interactive and cheaper. Thus, there is a focus on user product experience. Version 2 (with many new features) will be launched soon! Enjoy the following product benefits: Send & receive messages in real time. Presence information. Add contacts directly from phone book. Create personal group chats and invite your friends. Free SMS invitation to all friends who do not yet have an account on bing. Connection to your buddies on MSN, ICQ, AIM (Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk coming soon. Fun emoticons to express your mood. "Ask Joe" - your personal support manager. Communication at a fraction of the price of a SMS.

Compatible for : ICQ, MSN, AIM, GTalk, Yahoo Messenger.

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