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1rstWAP (pronounced "first wap") provides advanced mobile messaging, location and other services to telecom operators, businesses and end-user consumers around the world. 1rstWAP operates its own telecom systems and infrastructure, including a network of SMSCs installed in telecom operators and distributed globally.

1rstWAP was established in 1999 and today 1rstWAP has offices and operations in Jakarta, Indonesia as PT 1rstWAP and in Vienna, Austria as 1rstWAP Mobile Internet Services GmbH. 1rstWAP operates a 24/7 operations and support
center and an engineering and development center in Jakarta.

1rstWAP provides mobile services to:
Telecom Operators - International messaging services and location platform and applications
Business & Government - Messaging and location services for marketing, communication and productivity
End-User Subscribers - Mobile messaging & content services for over 2.5M subscribers worldwide

1rstWAP's Advantages are built on:
Use of own infrastructure
Global network
Unique Messaging, Location and Billing capabilities
Strong technical capability for development and integration with clients' systems

Special Award Epitomizes Success
1rstWAP won the “Best Product of the Year” in the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s annual Telecommunication & Information Awards for 2002. The annual “Micronics Internusa Golden Award” recognizes outstanding achievements and developments in the Telecommunication and IT industry in Indonesia.

1rstWAP was selected for the award in recognition of its pioneering role in telecommunications and information technology which has broadened people's knowledge about technology in communications. Also acknowledged was 1rstWAP’s focus on customer needs and convenience, security and reliability and effective application of technology.

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